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There are cats to rent, after all, used underwear to purchase, owls to pet at owl bars.Cuddle cafés exist for the uncuddled, goat cafés for the un-goated.When I learned that friendship is rentable in Tokyo, it merely seemed like more Japanese wackiness, in a subset I’d come to think of as interest-kitsch.Every day in Japan, it seems, some weird new appetite is identified and gratified.

For such clients a dollop of emotional contact with a friendly person is powerful, she adds, even with a price tag attached. Soon the fake relationship fake-graduated to a fake engagement.“It was embarrassing,” Miyabi told me about the lying.

The afternoon is steamy, and we’re in the back of a tiny, dark izakaya in the city’s jumbly Sangenjaya neighborhood.

It has been a day since Miyabi, the equivalent of a month in unmoored Tokyo time.

After lunch we walk out into the afternoon, our friendship nearly done.

We stroll north, toward the cartoonishly packed intersection near the Shibuya subway station. Schoolchildren huddle and cackle and retreat to phones and then re-erupt.

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I’ve walked through indomitably cute toy stores and narrow alleys thick with yakitori smoke. As we nibble at pork with ginger, Yumi cheerfully tells me about the gigs she has had since joining Client Partners. From Yumi’s vantage point, the breadth and depth of that need says something profound about her country.