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Online nasty chats with women

And I think a lot them specifically wait until we close the phones. I, anonymous Between out-of-control customers, vituperative online posters and road-raging drivers, it’s hard to find an individual who hasn’t succumbed to the siren song of faceless, consequence-free communication.

They’re looking to let it all out and then get on with their day. Online boards are clogged with insults hurled by readers hiding behind deceptively mild screen names — (“I hope you rot in hell!

And then they’re surprised when I get back to them. ” signed Kittyface) — and customer service reps endure blistering tirades from disembodied voices week in and week out.

Diligently ticking boxes about her height, weight, and lifestyle, she clicked “submit” and hoped that a matchmaker would find exactly what she’d been looking for all these years. She was trying Stitch Fix, an online subscription and personal-shopping service, for the first time.

“It’s mind-boggling the things people will say and even the things I will say,” says Catherine Mc Intyre, a 38-year-old medical billing specialist from Houston.

It’s like the behavior of crowds, or those mass beatings where no one gets blamed because everyone’s at fault.” Sheri Pineda, a 59-year-old customer service representative at the Daily Breeze in Torrance, Calif., encounters the same bad behavior in the after-hours messages left by her newspaper’s subscribers. “They’ll rant and rave and cuss at us with extremely foul language. Press 2 to hang up and act like a normal person again.

From Hattie Jacques and Betty Marsden, through Meera Syal and Linda Smith to Jocelyn Jee Esien and Mae Martin there's a rich archive of programmes featuring funny, determined women.

This archive special is presented by actor, impressionist and former radio comedy producer Jan Ravens and guest stand-ups Kiri Pritchard-Mc Lean and Lauren Pattison, and BBC Radio's Commissioning Editor for Comedy, Sioned William.

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Shamed — and deluged with their own hate mail from Cho’s fans — some posters sent in abject letters of apology.