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Some shady programs can sneak in to Outlook that will make it slow or unreliable.

So removing/disabling Add-ins that are less important or that you can’t identify should make things smoother.

To archive any folder, right-click on the folder and select “Properties” from the context menu.

Now, move to the “Auto Archive” tab and select the option “Archive items in this folder.” Once selected, click on the “Default Archive Settings…” button below it to adjust the settings.

It will avoid issues that could occur when using the EMS Folders client with multiple inboxes. Step 2 – File emails into the Net Documents EMS Outlook folders After you have installed the EMS Add-in, the next time that you open Outlook, you will be prompted with a small login page if you do not use Automated Login for Net Documents.

Although the default settings are fine, you may want to customize which emails will be archived.

By default, Outlook will archive emails older than six months; you can adjust that according to your needs.

This leads to an Outlook slowdown as it will have to process a larger PST file, so compacting the PST file will surely help pick up the pace.

To compact the PST file, go to “Account Settings” under the “Tools” option in Outlook 2007 and the “File” option in versions after it.

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If your cabinet has NO custom profiles, you must use the EMS Folders client. You will then see new folders in the left folder pane mirroring your Navigation Pane in Net Documents.