Hot sexy chat lines free trails

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Hot sexy chat lines free trails

“Thanks, baby.” “Is there anything special you want me to wear? I sucked him, and he sat back, as sucked his cock, bobbing my head up, and down, his long fat 10 inch cock, sucking him deeper and deeper, lower and lower, as the head of his knob brushed the back of my throat. Little one, suck my cock deeper, felt my head pushed on to his cock, until my nose bumped his tummy, my tongue licking his balls. master said: we don’t do pain a little spanking, and light whipping, but nothing over the top.

Well, I’ve never imagined anything like it.” “Thank you,” I said with a smile. I glanced at the camera, which was still aimed at us. “Merry Christmas, Uncle Cliff,” I returned, putting my head against his. Looking at my master, my master said, then you may fuck her now, if you wish, and later we will take her for her walk, do you feel that to be what you would like to see and do? Tom turned to my master, and said: that is one horny little bitch, you have here, look how her fingers move, so gently over her cunt letting them slip in and out, and then down over her ass hole, look at it shining at us, wow this bitch is wet! tom knelt on a rug, and said: here little bitch, here, looked at him, his cock standing right up from between his legs, he said: in a firm voice come here bitch, now got on my hands and knees, and crawled over to the rug, he was sitting like a dog, looking up at him he said good little bitch, good little bitch, as his big hands went to my breasts, and felt my swinging breasts, and pulled my long hard nipples, hmmmmmmm your a little stunner, he pulled me too him by pulling on my nipples, my mouth still open, he said: please me little bitch! With that mouth, and tongue, I could see his cock hard and slightly bobbing, as licked the end hmmmmmm, it tasted nice, and smelt clean, my hand went around this big fat cock, my fingers not meeting for the thickness of his cock. Work it, you sexy whore, you do know how to please your master don’t you? I lifted off his cock, as he pulled my pony tail up, leaving his cock dripping in my saliva, he said to my husband: it sucks very well…… I turned, and lay on my back, my tongue lashing out to his cock, and balls as he said to master, you said she has little or no limits….

Uncle Cliff smiled as he heard me.“This is very expensive, mother,” I said to her. We’ll be back on the 6th of January.” “I’ll be home by then, I’m sure.” I hung up. And what a privilege for us to share this with you. I changed into a different skirt, and then got into the car with Uncle Cliff. “So, is there anything I need to know, Uncle Cliff? ” “Well, there will be a woman named Dolly who will direct you mostly. She knows her friends All feel their luck As Rover gives her Her first fuck. And so it is Her lucky fate To have a dog As her first mate.”I pause for a second, but speak before anyone can say anything. Master said to him, she will take any command, tom anything at all, she’s very well trained…. I walked through, to the back room, it was a very nice warm room, beautiful carpet on the floor, he pulled the leash back, and said: now sit! The leash was taken off, as he knelt by my side unhooking the leash from my collar.

“He hasn’t given me anything yet,” I winked as I lied. And it will be very special.” “Well, I hope it will be,” she said. I have a feeling his gift will be very special,” I said with a smile. “Thanks, Uncle Cliff.” With that I gave him a short kiss on the lips. She braces then Still better yet That she might breed With Uncle’s pet. The men they smile, Cheer, then applaud At her deflowering By a dog. PART -IIIt was a long hot summer gosh, it had been warm at night. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for could tell he was so excited, by our being there; his high pitched voice gave it away. now tom was about 58 years old, a tall man, about 6 feet tall, his hands were huge, like shovels, and fingers so thick, his finger nails very clean(I hate dirty finger nails ). You were so right, your little bitch is very beautiful! He left the room, and after a time came back with towels, and spread them over the carpet, four towels in total.

Inside was a beautiful gold chain, nicer than any I’d ever seen before. Tom said: fuck this, and turned me over, and pushed his wet dripping knob end, in to my ass hole, making me scream and cry, out pulling my body on to his cock, as he said take it!

I turned back to face Uncle Cliff and gave him a pat on the leg. Love, Colleen.”“That’s wonderful,” Uncle Cliff said softly. Bob had just turned off one camera and Dave was about to put his down when the phone rang. Then another finger slipped in to me, working them in and out, my pussy I lifted my hips, as he pushed them in to me, then down, as he slipped them out, looked up at hubby, as he sat and watched his bitch used by this stranger, he pulled his fingers out my cunt, just as was getting there to my orgasm, he presented them to my mouth and licked, and sucked them clean, as he tom started to chat to master, yes she’s good! Too her scent is intoxicating, to me want her soooo much want to fuck this little bitch, she is a real dog’s a bitch. This Animal sex story was exclusively written for he stood over my head, looked up at his cock, and his balls, there was not a hair on his cock, or his balls, my fingers slipped to my pussy, that was now weeping with my sex juice, I was looking up licking my open lips in a wonton show of pure lust, my fingers dipping in to my sloppy wet cunt, feeling my lust for his big long fat cock, gosh wanted it so much!

I think this is important enough for both of us that I’m determined to see it through. Wishing you a VERY merry Christmas, and hoping it will be the most memorable of my life. “Okay, let’s wrap this up and get ready to go,” he directed. I arched my back, as his fat finger slipped in to my cunt, ooooooooooo! Tom looked down at me, and said: “stay like that little dog bitch”, as he stood and undressed taking his shirt off, showing a fine body for a man of his age, no fat really to speak of, at all, and when he slipped out, his trousers, and underpants, his cock flopped out, it was huge, it hung like a piece of meat, a huge salami hanging in the air, I opened my mouth, and licked my lips, wanted that big cock in my mouth, and cunt and my ass hole!

you fucking dogs whore, he pulled my nipples with his big fat fingers, pulling me on to his cock hard, and nasty, he fucked me as slipped my fingers over my city, and pussy hole still dripping from my lust, oh oh oh as came again, as his cock plundered my dark hole, until I screamed again, and he said , you dirty whore, I felt that cum of yours deep in your arse, he slipped out my ass hole, and unclipped the cock ring, and said suck it, clean dog whore, suck me clean, I took his cock, licked it sucked it clean, revaling in the smells, and tastes of his cock sucking it, it licking it, as he fucked my lips.

You whore, take my cock all of it deep in your ass hole!

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