Blind fish dating professional photographer for dating websites

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Blind fish dating

If one of them were obviously true, it is doubtful that so many others (which by definition would then have to be wrong) would be out there.

That is to say, Israel consists of three of the twelfths of the Bride; the rest of the "Church" consists of nine of her twelfths (the number of believers who came into the Body during the two millennia before Abraham is so small as not to warrant a multiplier).If I were to take the number as a symbol, it would seem to me that the 153 fish ought to represent the "catch" of believers during the Church Age soon to begin at the time John took place, and, beyond all argument, 153 "large fish" is a very big catch in comparison to what "used to be caught".With that in mind, the number could very well represent the dramatically larger number of believers who would come into the Church after Pentecost.The way it is set out in many editions of the Bible does lead to the impression of a poem, but I would be reluctant to see it in quite that formal of a way since Greek is very particular about what a poem is and what it is not (i.e., Greek poems must be in a particular meter, and that is not the case here).However, I do get your point: this is a unique presentation and there must be a reason for it.

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